Fiber Patch Panel Suppliers in Doha - Qatar

Microsys Network is the Best Fiber Patch Panel supplier in Doha, Qatar. We Mainly Dealing Belden Fiber Patch Panel, Panduit Fiber Patch Panel, Siemon Fiber Patch Panel, Systimax Fiber Patch Panel, Commscope Fiber Patch Panel, Leviton Fiber Patch Panel, Superior Essex Fiber Patch Panel, Molex Fiber Patch Panel, Nexans Fiber Patch Panel. We have Network Fiber Patch Panel in Premium brands and Cost-effective brand as well in which is STC approved, UV listed, and TRA approved

What are fiber optic patch panels?

Fiber optic patch panels are also known as fiber distribution panels. They make it easy to terminate fiber optic cables and provide access to the cable’s individual fibers for cross connection.

A basic fiber optic panel is typically a metal enclosure that encloses the adapter panels and fiber splice trays. Splice trays allow fibers to be fused together with fiber optic pigtails which in turn are plugged into the fixed inside ports of the adapter panels.

The inside ports of the panel is usually fixed, meaning that the cables aren’t disconnected at any point. The outside ports of the panel is reserved for fiber patch cables that can be plugged and unplugged frequently to arrange the connections between devices as needed.


All changes are made at one place
Patch panels make it easier to connect different devices in different orders, because all of the changes can be made at the patch panel.

No more hunting for input ports
A patch panel groups all of the input jacks/ports into one location. This means that devices mounted in racks can be connected without having to hunt around behind the rack or instrument with a flashlight for the right port.