Managed IT services in Doha - Qatar

Managed IT services is the practice of transferring day-to-day related IT management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations.

Our Managed IT services are rapidly replacing traditional information technology  (IT) management tools and mega-outsourcing arrangements because they provide a more cost-effective method of managing and protecting enterprise networks, systems  and applications.

How Microsys can help you in Managed IT Services

  • Lower operational costs and improve productivity — Take advantage of economies of scale, with reduced lock-in.
  • Reduce risk — You can discover how to quickly and effectively react to IT labor shortages, increased application complexity and the rapid rate of business change.
  • Maintain control of your destiny — Even while you have us

Tailor your solution to your organization’s needs

Flexible Outsourcing for Sustained Growth

Realize Measurable Value in Your Processes and Systems


Be in control of your networkMicrosysnet MSP Inventory will collect the information about all remote computers on a network with a touch of a button. No on-site visits are necessary!

Plan upgrades with ease with our MSP Inventory, administrators have detailed information about the hardware and software of each PC at their disposal. This helps you tremendously to plan upgrades.