Unified Communication in Doha - Qatar

Unified Communication in its truest sense means that an individual or an organization is able to send and receive messages on different mediums in the network. The bottom line purpose of unified communication is to install software in the device used by an employee that helps the communication process to be instant, simultaneous and synchronized and obviously, the employee can use all the tools from one device. This is the ultimate definition of unified communication.

In today’s business world the complete integration of communication channels like instant messaging, mobility features, video conferencing, speech recognition, data sharing, VOIP and many more exciting technological features which can help in employees sharing ideas and to do their jobs in a more effective format.

Establishing unified communication, a comprehensive communication package is essential that every business model today requires. But, there are millions in the market that share similar provisions. 


Why choose Microsys?

Microsys as a provider of unified communication in Doha, Qatar can curtail multiple packages for the trickiest needs of your business. It can cater to all the communication needs your team may have no matter the size of the organization. Having a unified communication system in Doha can be a great asset. At Microsys we provide the best and customized solutions across verticals.

We have industry experts and certifications who can help install customized auto attendant configuration, IP PBX solution, voicemail solution, Gateway solutions, PRI line configuration, SIP Trunk integration, Instant Messaging, DID configuration, and present solutions.